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About Whiskers & Tails Pet Salon, Mumbai

Ever since we were kids, we have enjoyed the company of our four legged friends. It is with the passion and enthusiasm cultivated through our childhood that we have now taken up dog grooming as a vocation. Whiskers and Tails; The Dog Grooming Salon and Spa has been created with the single important agenda of quality pet care and grooming by Irene James and Merylene Walekar (both sisters).  While Irene enjoys getting wet with a clients’ pet at the bath tub, she is also currently looking after business development of Franchising of Whiskers & Tails outlets throughout the country; other than running one more  very successful business of serviced apartments (…she says spending time with her furry clients is far de-stressing.

Merylene who was a homemaker…said a huge YES to Irene when the idea was shared to her…Both are married and have two kids….With some adjustments at home, a huge support from the family, they now play purrfect groomers at the salon.  We eagerly await a dog at the salon…once an appointment is confirmed and what gives us sheer joy is to see a dog transformed from a shedding coat to a de-shedded silky coat…or a dirty muddy dog getting a squeaky clean bath…or a terribly matted furry dog getting a detangled finished coat…all of which are our speciality treatments….says an excited Merylene!

Shampoos & Conditioners used by us are 100% safe, time-tested, imported and bio-degradable…pH balance of which is taken care of and specially formulated for dogs and cats.  What works for one breed or one coat may not work for the other…is what we believe in….So there is a solution for every dog that walks in….A finishing touch is what separates us from all others!  Owners just wait too excitedly to receive their pet purrfumed and finished with a cute bow or banadana!! 

We are Certified Pet Groomers and as professionals, we bring specialized skills which ensure optimal attention to improving the hygiene & health of animals. This is done through the use of tools & products of the highest quality coupled with our sincere love for animals which helps reduce the animal’s stress of dealing with a new place and our own careful handling keeping in mind the temperament and breed of the dog.  

We strongly urge our clients to start grooming their pets from an early stage. This guarantees a bond between the dog and the groomer and also helps train the dog to accept the process as a fun getaway, rather than an alien experience.

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