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A clean dog is a healthy dog. There are many reasons why every dog owner should groom his dog. Dog grooming is very important for it will make your pooch physically active and emotionally stable. It is an essential part of dog ownership that must not be ignored for the sake of your dog’s health and welfare.

If your dog is well-groomed at all times, he will be free from germs. His fur will be much healthier and not be infested by fleas and ticks. That way, you will keep him away from any canine diseases at bay, making him more physically healthy.

A well-groomed dog is much more well-behaved. Dogs plague-ridden by fleas are always irritable and bad tempered, and tend to show signs of bad dog behaviours such as aggression and excessive barking. The physical being of your dog plays a big factor on the way he feels and reacts to his surroundings and the people around him.

Our Services
» Hygiene & Grooming
» Bathing & Brushing
» Oral Care
» Tick & Flea Control
» Aromatheray
» Conditioning & Medicated Bath
» Special Spa Treatment
» Safety Handling
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