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Is a regularly groomed pet a happier and healthier pet?

 We, at “Whiskers & Tails – The Pet Styling Studio and Spa” strongly believe so.

Most pet owners don't take their pets to veterinarians until there is a problem. Unless they are pet professionals most pet owners don't know how to make a proper inspection of their pets for health care issues. Dog Groomers can identify problems and let the owners know in time to get proper vet care…

We offer following services with utmost safety measures…

dos care in mumbai Hygiene & Maintenance Grooming
dos care in mumbai Brushing and Bathing
dos care in mumbai Dematting (separating mats from fur of the dog)
dos care in mumbai Deshedding Treatments
dos care in mumbai Oral Care
dos care in mumbai Tick & Flea Treatments
dos care in mumbai Skin Care
dos care in mumbai Nail Care
dos care in mumbai Conditioning & Medicated Bath
dos care in mumbai Ear and Eye Care
dos care in mumbai Safety Handling
dos care in mumbai Special Spa Treatments - Massages & Aromatherapy

WE offer different packages which can be made suitable for your requirement. As a company, we aim to evolve into a holistic grooming parlor, over the coming years, to meet all your pet-care needs . We look forward to your patronage, support and feedback to help us deliver better and more effective services! For Appointment call +91 93230 89094 or +91 96198 33359.

Why Whiskers & Tails?
Equipments and Products used by us are professional & meet highest international standards. Our passionate, pet loving and caring staff will ensure that your dog has a wonderful experience at our spa.
dogs care center in mumbai
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