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Whiskers & Tails Pet Salon, Mumbai - Testimonials

"Thank you for taking care of my boy Junior who is a very hyper Boxer! Thank you for all your patience with him” – Rahul Dsouza

“Whenever my pets (2 year old Lhasa and Pom) visit the Vet, they get tick & flea infestation.  So I was very skeptic to send them to a grooming salon as well.  After 3 visits so far to Whiskers & Tails, they are absolutely fine….Hygiene at the salon is too good…both sisters are very affectionate towards my pets and are very very patient”  - Anita Kamath

“Leo is my 1 year old Labrador…and my house used to be full of dog hair due to his hair shedding. Their De-shedding shampoo treatment ROCKS! Although De-shedding is natural they say, but the way loose hair on body is dealt with at Whiskers & Tails is amazing…it has very good results and I am in for sure the next time too to maintain the hair fall.” – Anupama Srinivas

“I would always get a boy who would come home with scissors and some other brushes etc. to clip my brownie’s hair.  He used to charge us very less price and we were quiet comfortable….I wanted to try Whiskers & Tails just for the sake of it. We got Brownie clipped this time and it was TRUE MAGIC. I got to see the difference between a professional hair cut and an unprofessional hair cut.  They have all the equipments in place to deal with dog grooming. It was like a barber coming home and chopping off my Brownie’s hair which had no shape and no beauty.  But now since I have a professional option, I would like to take Brownie to Whiskers & Tails ONLY” – Pranav Deshpande

Fluffy my Pom was terribly matted…her hair is white but had become pale yellow.  She is hardly 3 years old…and when we tried their whitening shampoo treatment, there is a huge magical difference…Fluffy’s coat has become whiter and all her mats were carefully, patiently detangled, coat has become shiny (also a change in diet recommended by them helped).  Whiskers & Tails rocks!! – Shailesh & Rupali Mehta

I literally ran with my 1 year old shihtzu boy – Robert… when I came to know that a professional pet salon is now opened in Kandivali East…. I would drive down to Bandra for 2 hours both ways to get him groomed….I am quiet happy with their work and both sisters - Irene and Merylene are avidly patient and are true dog lovers….they rock! – Chamali Patnayak

I have tried all their speciality treatments for my Lhasa - Tick & Flea, Deshedding, Dematting, Conditioning, Spa Shampoo and even Medicated Bath....ALL of them work so superbly....I opted for their membership programme and got to enjoy more discounts too!! - Shumone Das Gupta

I am a professional breeder for Lhasa Apso and I took my Royal Full Coat Romeo to Whiskers & Tails when she got terribly matted and I have been maintaining her coat myself...but without professional methods...When Irene groomed Romeo this time, she was also keen enough to tell me how I should brush her daily with a unique brush and a brushing technique...Romeo rocks...I have requested Irene and Merylene to put Romeo's picture as an example for other dog owners too.  I am very very happy that Romeo can now be painlessly groomed....- Pednekar

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